De Ramos: students into becoming academic giants

By Harissa Tuazon

Mrs. Rosalie De Ramos has been appointed as the new Vice Principal to head up the Senior High School Department after being an English coordinator for the past years.

Serving the school for 21 years, she will be now handling a bigger population, the SHS students and faculty, which is a lot bigger than the English committee that she has been a part with over these past years.

At her first month of being the Vice Principal, Ms. De Ramos stated that it’s challenging in the sense that she’ll be handling a bigger group, not only teachers but also students and yet, exciting for the reason that she wants to test her capabilities in terms of leadership.

According to Mrs. De Ramos, handling teachers, especially more new teachers, and mentoring and molding them will be the biggest challenge for her as she wants them to become the best teachers they can be.

“As Marian educators, our goal is only to mold students into becoming academic giants. We also want our students to become champions in life when they go out of the institution” she said.

In her viewpoint, being able to obtain the capabilities for this position does not come overnight but, it takes time.

“I want all Marians to have their own identity as a student not just simply as students of Maryhill College but I want them to learn life skills in which they need in the future,” she added.

The English committee has been now divided into two categories, the lower BED handled by Ms. Julie Valdories and Mrs. De Ramos for Higher BED. More so, the current President, who established the Choose Happiness program, Rev. Fr. Ejay Jarapa together with the newly appointed Vice President, Rev. Fr. Felix S. Ayala, and Mrs. Carina Villaester as the main campus’ principal, the newly appointed Human Resource Director, Mr. Lawrence Oliver Paunil, and the new Research Director, Mr. Mercurio, begins their journey as a part of the Marian family.