A Leap to the Future!

by: MCPS

                Maryhill College is one of the catholic institutions in the Diocese of Lucena whose mission is to provide holistic formation among its learners.  To fully achieve and extend this mission to more students, the Administration opened another campus in Avida Village Brgy. Isabang Tayabas City in 2008.  This is currently known as Maryhill College, Avida Campus.

            Maryhill College, Avida Campus initially offered the Nursery and Kindergarten levels in 2008-2009 and was granted the Government Recognition by the Department of Education in the year 2011.  In 2014, government recognition for Grade School was likewise granted.  After the virtual ocular inspection conducted last August, 2021, the school was finally granted the Permit to Operate Junior High School and Senior High School levels for SY 2021-2022.

            Vis-à-vis the   offering of additional grade levels is the improvement of the facilities in the school premises.  Additional classrooms were provided along with a fully functional Technology and Livelihood Education laboratory, library, and canteen.  The administrative office was likewise enhanced and a faculty room was provided for the teachers.  In 2018, the covered court was constructed and this serves as the venue for the various activities of both the students and the parents.

The most significant milestone in terms of infrastructure is the construction of a new school building in 2019.  The new building, Our Lady of Guadalupe Building is the first of the three buildings to be constructed in the campus.  This building has enough classrooms to accommodate all the students from Grade School to High School and has the Administrative Offices, computer laboratory, faculty room, speech laboratory and multi-purpose function hall. It was inaugurated last March 19, 2021.

Together with the improvement of the school facility is the upgrading in the curriculum offered by the school.  In addition to the learning areas prescribed by DepEd, additional subjects are offered such as Christian Living and Robotics.  Communication skills are developed thru Language enhancement program and collaboration is promoted thru the collaborative classroom designs.  All these are geared towards the development of the learners’ 21st century skills.

Classroom design deviates from the usual set-up as tables and chairs that promote collaboration and group activities are provided. Robotics is offered in all levels and computer laboratory is well equipped to prepare the students with much needed technological skills.  The speech laboratory is designed to develop the oral communication skills of the students. All these are geared towards making the learners fully armed with 21st century skills.

The school has indeed progressed over the years thru the efforts and leadership of competent top level and mid-level administrators.  Independence from the main campus started in 2019 when a principal was assigned to oversee the academic and administrative operation of the school.  Teaching staff are all qualified with Bachelor of Arts in Education and Master of Arts in Education degrees.  In addition to the adequate number of teaching force, additional academic and non-academic staff are added every school year to fully address the needs of the students.  

            Living to its mission of providing quality Catholic education to its learners, Maryhill College Premier School continues to innovate and offer programs that are geared towards the holistic formation of the students while keeping the Maryknoll tradition and Christian values intact.  Truly, tradition meeting innovation is kept alive as all stakeholders join hands as the entire MCPS community take a leap to the future!