The Chaplains' Call

Rest in Jesus

by: Rev. Fr. William Sedaria

We “R-E-S-T” in JESUS We are excessively tired during this pandemic. We have drained ourselves to the last ounce of our energy. Many are looking for jobs. We seek refuge. We long for renewed vigor. We wish to rest. Jesus tells us everyday where we can find what we are looking for: in Him.

Rest in Jesus. He does not only strengthen us. He Himself is our strength. He does not only give us peace. He gives us Himself. He is our peace.

While we often pray that Jesus, our peace, live in our hearts, we need to strive in dwelling in Jesus’ heart. In His heart we shall find peace. Let us not possess Jesus; let Jesus possess us. Let us not possess peace; let peace possess us. Let us not only have peace; let us peacemakers ourselves. Let us be peace; let us be another Jesus.



Rev. Fr. William Sedaria

As we have rested in Jesus, let us give rest to others. R – reconciliation. Make peace with everyone. Give to others what you want others give to you. Reconcile with those against whom we have misgivings. Grudges are too heavy to carry for a heart that longs for rest. Reconcile with a Smile.

E – emptiness. Be free from inordinate attachments. Be not a slave to anything or anyone, but be a faithful servant of God always. Be filled with God. Other attachments are excess baggage. Empty yourself and fill your heart with a Smile.

S – silence. Learn the art of slowing down and toning down. Stop and be still. God gave us one mouth and two ears so that we may talk less and listen more. Noise promises no peace. It will never give you rest. Pause and smile for awhile.

T – tenderness. Be tender-hearted. When we are hard on others, when we are cocky, when we are violent, who really suffers? We are the ones who really suffer. We are the first and worst victims of our own lack of tenderness. Learn from Jesus. He is meek and humble of heart. Have a tender Smile.

The world is very tired. There is little peace in the world. Let us bring the peace of Jesus to the world. Let us “R-E-S-T” in Jesus. Let the world rest in His hands. Smile, Jesus is opening our hearts for another miracle. You are that miracle. Smile and Rest in Jesus. Amen and amen.