The Chaplains' Call

Reflection for Holy Week

by: Rev. Fr. Jeffrey Rosales

There are two kinds of deafness: the real deaf and the one who pretends he is. What’s the difference? The former can’t hear, while the latter doesn’t want to hear. The former has closed ears; the latter has a closed heart.

It’s holy week once again, a time to listen. Jesus is calling all of us. He has three calls:

First call: The call to REPENTANCE. The color of lent is violet. Violet is the color of repentance. We might have gone astray in the past. Now is the time to go back to the Lord. Now is the time to repent and be sorry for all the sins we have committed. And always remember, repentance presupposes humility. Humility to accept that we are sinners. Humility to admit that we have done something wrong. Humility to admit that we’ve committed an immoral act. Humility to admit that we’ve not been good sons and daughters, that we’ve been hard-headed, that we talked back and hurt our parents. My dear friends, let’s go back to God now. The best way is through the sacrament of confession.

The second call: The call to SACRIFICE. Today, we’re living in a world where everything is made easy. Everything is automatic. The car is automatic. Dishwashing is automatic. Banking is automatic. Etc. Well, there’s nothing wrong with all these automatic stuffs. There’s nothing wrong with an easy life. But the thing is, we might have been so used to easy life so as to undermine the value of suffering, the value of pain, the value of hard work. We might have been so used to easy life, that we have become oblivious of the fact that it was through suffering that Jesus obtained salvation for us. Now is our turn to suffer, to voluntary suffer for Jesus, by doing even little sacrifices for Him and for one another.

Third call: The call to CHARITY. Sacrifice, no matter how big, is meaningless if it is not done in the spirit of charity. So, for this holy week, have an extra-big heart, be extra charitable, be extra-generous. Generosity, not only in material things, but more importantly, generosity in love, service, forgiveness, compassion and understanding.

Holy Week. Jesus has three calls for us: The call to repentance, the call to sacrifice, and the call to charity.

May you have a meaningful and blessed week ahead! God bless!