Research Colloquium 2021

by: MC-HED

Last September 28, 2021, third-year students from the College of Teacher Education participated in their first-ever virtual Research Colloquium with the theme ‘Technology in the 21st Century Teacher Education and Action Research’. The said event was divided into two parts. The first part was conducted via Zoom Meeting. The program was hosted by the MCCO President, Mr. Rinze Anthony Lopez and MCCO Secretary, Mr. Lemuel Mejillano. The program started with an opening prayer through a video presentation, followed by the singing of the National Anthem, and Maryhill College Hymn. Afterwards, Mr. Julio Ramillo Mercurio, the Research Director, gave his opening remarks as well as the Vice President for Academics and Administration, Rev. Fr. Raul  Macaraig, for his welcoming remarks. After that, Mr. Arjun Adame, the CTE Assistant Program Head, introduced Mr. Marvin J. Rosales, a Research enthusiast and expert from Luis Palad Integrated High School, as the Research Colloquium Keynote Speaker. Mr. Rosales discussed about the Role of Technology in the 21st Century Teacher Education and Action Research in three main points which were: (1) Technology for Teachers: The 21st Century Classroom, (2) Dispelling Five Myths on Educational Technology, and (3) Use of Technology to Promote Teacher Action Research. After the speaker’s discussion, an open forum was held and facilitated by the hosts for the participants’ clarifications and reactions. The first part of the event ended when Mr. Adame gave his closing remarks on behalf of Dr. Mary Rose Cabangon, the College Dean.

Shortly after the first part of the event, those third-year students joined their respective Google Classrooms to start the second part of the event via Google Meet. There were seven virtual meetings in total. The program was hosted by Ms. Carla Paredes for BEEd/BECEd, Ms. Lyra May Pasta for Math majors, Ms. Jonabelle Magalang for Science majors, Ms. Arabelle Espedido for Social Studies majors, Ms. Shalyne Tong for Values Education majors, Ms. Kaye Miran Belisario for English majors, and Ms. Mariel Macalalad for BTLEd majors. The program started when the hosts introduced the Research Presenters together with their Advisers. The Research Presenters discussed and shared their knowledge on how to conduct tangible or an output-based research. After the Research Presenters’ discussion, an open forum was also held and facilitated by the hosts to address the participants’ queries. The second part of the event ended when Mr. Rence Luven Alvarez, the CTE Student Council President, gave his closing remarks.