by: MCPS

Maryhill College Premier School in Tayabas City, Quezon starts to prepare for the eventual resumption of face-to-face classes before the school year 2021-2022 ends.

As part of the School’s preparation, a meeting with parents was held to discuss matters concerning the possible implementation of limited face-to-face classes. Mrs. Hazel O. Hernandez, the school principal, discussed each part of the SSAT – School Safety Assessment Tool with the parents to explain the protocols given by the DepEd that the school needs to comply with in order to conduct the activity. The School Safety Assessment Tool (SSAT) for COVID-19 includes conditions and guidelines that participating schools need to meet before being approved for limited face-to-face classes. All schools with the intention of participating in the face to face classes must accomplish this tool to assess the viability of conducting classes on site.  The conference therefore aimed to inform and clear up things that parents should know in preparation for the pilot run of limited face-to-face classes.

Relative to the aforementioned matter, a survey through Google Form was conducted by the school to determine the number of students who will be participating in the said activity and the number of students who are willing to join the face-to-face classes in the coming school year. A total of 71 out of 91 students from Nursery 2 to Grade 6 agreed to join in the said activity.

Another crucial part of the preparation was the simulation of limited face-to-face classes which MCPS has conducted on April 1, Friday. It is done to orient students, parents, teachers, and non-teaching personnel on the health protocols to be imposed within the school premises. The activity was video recorded for it will be posted on the school’s social media account and will be used during the next orientation with the parents.

Significant changes to the school facilities were also implemented and as part of the health protocol, students, school staff and visitors must enter the building where the triage area is located so that they can submit their health declaration forms and undergo temperature checks. Moreover, everyone has to strictly observe the COVID-19 signages, line markings, safety signs, etc. within the school campus.

To validate the readiness of the School on this account, the composite team from the Schools Division of Tayabas visited Maryhill College Premier School.  This not only aimed to determine whether or not the school meets the conditions and guidelines set for the implementation of limited face-to-face classes but also to provide technical assistance to the School on areas where assistance is much needed.  The composite team included representatives from the Curriculum Implementation Division and School Governance and Operations Division of the Division Office.

Everyone is hopeful that with enough preparation and with due consideration to the adherence to the policies and guidelines, MCPS will be granted permission to take part in the progressive implementation of face-to-face learning modality and welcome its students once again after two years of delivering instruction using online the platform.