by: Rev. Fr. William Sedaria

The past 85 years have been a rewarding journey for our dearest school Maryhill College. Over the years, the commemoration of the institution’s founding celebration represents the school’s unrelenting passion and initiative to maintain a meaningful presence in the lives of its students and surrounding communities while sustaining excellence. Undeniably, my dear Marians the two invitations of this year’s foundation day celebration: To realize how far we have come, and be filled with gratitude. To accept the challenge of the future, and be filled with faith, hope and love. At the outset is we have to be always grateful. With gratitude and so much hope in our hearts, we look to the future with a strong resolve grounded on our conviction that the best years for Maryhill College are yet to come. We thank all the past school directors, priests and religious sisters, administrators, teachers, staff, students, parents and all other collaborators of our school who helped our school along the way. Furthermore, School of FAITH, HOPE and LOVE—-We pray that Maryhill College will continue to be a seedbed of faith, hope, and love. Let the mission and vision of Maryhill College be expressed in faith, hope and in charity by bringing our students closer to Jesus and by manifesting our strong love for Mama Mary. Let us make this 85th founding anniversary of our dearest Alma truly meaningful and convincingly celebratory by magnifying strength and continuing greatness. I entrust all of you to the maternal embrace of the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Mother. Amen and amen. HAPPY FOUNDATION DAY & ALL HAIL MARIANS.