Through eighty-five (85) strong years

by: Rev. Fr. Allan Neil L. Laqueo

Our roots started from 1938 with the effort of the Maryknoll Sisters to continually foster the Catholic faith and services as tenets of this academic institution. Through eighty-five (85) strong years, this has been the thrust that continually pushed us to become a better institution. This is also the foundation that we instill and breed in every Marian graduate that we are able to produce for over the years. It is good to look back how Maryknoll/Maryhill College witnessed our younger years. From the person that we are now, it is refreshing to reminisce the good old days that we had with our classmates, teachers, and how we were able to build relationships that lasted along with time. Some of our alumni and generations after are fruits and products of this Marian institution. Collectively, we share how the Marian experience shaped us into the persons that we are now. Our alumni are living testaments of how this academic institution went against the tides of times and emerged stronger. Indeed, along with these eighty-five years, the journey to what we are today was not easy. There had been challenges and changes that rippled the way we are and who we are today. Truly, it is evident that Maryhill College plays a vital role in our humanity and growth as a community. As individuals, just like the institution, we had become better. Innovation and tradition are two different ideals. One presents the beauty of change and the other presents the high regard for the history that shapes us to be who we are today. Despite the differences, Maryhill College was able to muster both. Moving forward, we do not only hold dear of the awesome memories and unforgettable people that we encountered. We likewise are fortified by the value system imparted upon us. To us, this academic institution is not only the educational ladder that held us up to what we are now. 


Maryhill College is our home and will always be. I look forward into more years and more Marian graduates that will become the reflection of who we are as an institution and as a family. Let the celebration becomes a reminder and a challenge of Marian way that is yes to God and serve others.